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Caribbean Flair Dining Experiences


Caribbean Cuisine presented in style, full of flavour and  the aromas of the islands.

Guests get to enjoy not only the  delectable Caribbean Cuisine, but the warmth and hospitality of a Barbadian home.



Cocktails made with fruit juices of the islands and the spirits of the islands - Rum.

Here is the chance to try many of our local wines made with our delightful tropical fruits -

Carambola, Jamoon, Sorrel are just a few from our selection.  Popular international  wines also available ....more

The Food


You will be treated  to dishes that are distinctly Caribbean , but mostly Bajan.  Chef Jerone and Chef Danica creatively  added their own special techniques and flavouring ,  as well as presentation styles that will wow your senses and satisfy your palate .  Come dine with us.


Who We Are & What We DO

Elsinore and Associates

We love life, we love style, we  love food, we love enjoyment and pleasure and we love to  share the things we love with others.



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Home Dining Experiences

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